Ethereum Istanbul Upgrade Countdown

The Istanbul upgrade block 9,069,000 is scheduled to occur on  {{forkTs | formatForkTs}} which is in

{{forkTs | timeToFork}}

{{ bestBlock | formatBlock }} / 9,069,000 | {{ 9069000 - bestBlock | formatBlock }} blocks to go

Live client status

ClientVersionStatusBlock NumberBlock HashTotal DifficultyLast Block
{{ name }}{{ value.version ? value.version : '-' }}In SyncSyncing{{ value.block.number }}{{value.block.hash | subStr}}{{ value.block.totalDifficulty | formatTotalDifficulty }} ({{value.totalDifficultyPercentage}}%){{ value.block.timestamp | fromNow }}
Next update in {{updateIn}}s

Istanbul ready &  synced clients seen on the Ethereum network (last 24h)

geth  404 (22%)1439 (78%)
parity-ethereum  72 (10%)676 (90%)
teth  0 (0%)4 (100%)
aleth  0 (0%)1 (100%)
besu  0 (0%)1 (100%)
ethereum-scraper  0 (0%)1 (100%)
multigeth  0 (0%)1 (100%)
nethermind  1 (100%)0 (0%)
Total  477 (18%)2123 (82%)

Mining pools

Mining PoolStatus
EthermineNo information
SparkpoolNo information
F2poolNo information
NanopoolNo information
ZhizhuNo information
MiningPoolHubNo information

Infrastructure Providers

InfuraNo information
EtherscanNo information
MetaMaskNo information
AlethioNo information
BlockscoutNo information


BinanceNo information
CoinbaseNo information
KrakenNo information
BithumbNo information
HuobiNo information
PoloniexNo information
GeminiNo information
BitfinexNo information
BittrexNo information


Where is the official announcement of the upgrade?

The official announcement can be found at....

Which upgrades are included?

See for a complete list of EIPs included in the upgrade see  EIP-1679.

Which action do I need to take?

If you are running an Ethereum client (for example Geth, Parity-Ethereum, Besu, Nethermind or Trinity) please update it to the latest version. If you are a dApp developer please make sure to understand the breaking changes introduced with  EIP-1884.

I would like to update the status of a mining pool, infrastructure provider or exchange displayed on the site

Simply send us a mail to [email protected] which includes the information you would like to have updated. If possible please also include a link to the public announcement of the service.